How Do You Know When to Replace or Repair a Broken Appliance?

The “repair or replace” dilemma pertains to many of the components of rental housing from plumbing fixtures to roofs. Whether to repair or replace is a complex economic decision based on estimated remaining life of the component, replacement cost, previous repair history, life cycle costs, the effect on tenant relations and aesthetic concerns.

When to Repair a Home ApplianceWhen receiving a call about a non-functioning appliance, first determine whether the appliance is covered under warranty. On rental properties, we recommend getting warranties because the wear and tear by tenants typically doubles that of homeowners. Next, review the history of the unit: have other repairs been made? The amount and type of previous repairs will help you determine if you want to keep spending money on that appliance. Then, obtain an estimate of the cost to make the current repair. Innovative Property Solutions (IPS) always obtains multiple quotes, if possible.

The rule of thumb for solving the replace or repair dilemma is whether the estimate is less than or more than 33% of the cost of replacing the part with a new appliance. We at IPS use the 33% rule to help us decide. We use the 33% rule because the advantage of new appliances have become very persuasive. Those advantages include the following: (1) the cost of new appliances have dropped dramatically in the last ten years, (2) the energy of efficiency of the appliances pays for the cost of the appliances (even if the tenant pays utilities you still reap the benefits: a tenant is more likely to be attracted to rentals with lower overall utilities rates), (3) an aesthetically pleasing appearance, (4) better reliability, (5) minimizing tenant calls and (6) safer operation (i.e., electronic ignition for stoves). The key to solving the repair or replace dilemma is knowing that every decision should be made on a case-by-case basis considering all the above factors.

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  1. June Robinson Reply

    I really appreciate this information on how to know when I should replace or repair my appliance. My washer just went out and my husband and I were considering just buying a new one all together, but after reading this and doing the calculations, I can see that it would be better to repair it instead. I had never thought of looking at past repairs on my same washer, but that definitely has influenced us. Thanks for this information!

  2. Rupert Silva Reply

    Knowing when to replace or repair a broken appliance is very important! It’s a matter of spending more or spending less! Great post and great read!

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