Innovative Property Solution Investment Program

Our Investment Program is designed to provide investors the freedom and security to purchase investment property (especially distressed or dilapidated) and have our experienced team supervise and turn that property into a profitable investment. We operate as a Real Estate Agent, Owner Representative, and Property Manager for the property owner gathering quotes, ensuring the work is being done on a timely manner, and ensuring that the contractors complete the project as specified by the property owner. The property owner makes all final decisions and approves any and all improvement proposals.

This program allows investors to hire one company from start to finish, providing our customers with one person that will coordinate the entire process from identifying and purchasing the property, rehabilitating the property, and completing the life cycle by finding tenants, managing the rental property, and even selling the property when the time comes.

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Our costs structure is straight forward and simple to allow for easy budgeting and forecasting

➢ Purchase of Property: Real estate fees are paid by selling property owner

➢ Rehab Project Management: 10% of project cost

➢ Property Management:

• Leasing fee of 50% of the first month rent
• Management fee of 10% per month on collected rent

If you are ready to become a real estate investor call us today at 904 321-9020 or contact us online.

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