Finding the right REALTOR to work with is the first critical step in buying or selling a home. Every REALTOR has their own skill set, experience, and personality. Finding the right match is vital to a successful real estate transaction.

Our REALTORS would love the opportunity to interview with you and see if they are the right fit for you and your needs. Please contact one of our agents below and see if their qualifications and style are the right fit for your real estate transaction.


Sarah Cooper, Realtor®

Sarah’s Cooper is a graduate of the University of North Florida and brings personal hands on real estate experience as well as excellent customer service, stemming from her recruiting sales background. Sarah has managed her own real estate and rental properties since 2007. She has purchased, renovated, and sold personal properties in various parts of Jacksonville, from the beach to riverside. Today, as Real Estate Agent and REALTOR®, Sarah specializes in single family home sales as well as property management. Sarah’s approach to real estate and property management is focused around getting to know her clients and taking care of them from beginning to end. Her intimate knowledge of the market will save you, the homeowner, time and money in managing all your real estate needs.


Sarah Shockley, Realtor®

Sarah Shockley is a real estate investor with a passion for renovating homes and revitalizing neighborhoods. Her investment and personal properties are all located in Jacksonville’s historic neighborhoods adjacent to the downtown core. She is proud to offer high-quality rental homes with a balance of old-world charm and modern amenities, which is largely made possible by her hands on approach in overseeing their renovations. As a property manager, she strives to treat all her residents with respect and consideration, and educate them about home maintenance and ownership. Sarah is a licensed Florida REALTOR, and is excited about helping other people achieve financial independence through real estate investing. She lives with her husband Jonathan in a Murray Hill bungalow originally built in 1939.

Agent/ Renovation Project Manager

Meka Acholonu

Chiemeka "Meka" Acholonu, a Jacksonville native and is a recent graduate from the University of Florida's College of Engineering. Meka graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Civil Engineering. After school, he started working for a small construction company doing commercial interior build-outs. Currently Meka works as the Project Manager for another local construction and renovation company as well as being a licensed REALTOR and Renovation Manager with Innovative Property Solutions. With such a unique background, Meka has found his niche with Innovative Property Solutions combining his love for real estate and his extensive education and experience in the construction industry working and overseeing many of the IPS investment home renovation projects. Meka brings an enormous resource to IPS and the clients they represent.


Aaron Cooper, MBA, Realtor®

Aaron is a Florida native and received his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of North Florida. He began investing in real estate in 2003 and has been active in the market ever since. In 2012, Aaron focused his personal investment strategy on foreclosed and bank owned residential property. After the renovating and rehabbing property all across Jacksonville, he co-founded, Innovative Property Solutions to bring a fresh new approach to real estate investing and property management. Aaron is currently our Director of Property Management and is a licensed real estate agent and REALTOR. His real estate specialty is the acquisition and sale of income producing residential property and property management. Many of his acquisition projects require some form of rehabilitation and produce tremendous income potential to his clients. With first hand personal knowledge, a unique skill set, and vast knowledge of the market, Aaron brings a truly valuable resource to any real estate investor.

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