4 Common Tenant Complaints

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4 Common Tenant Complaints

March 1, 2019

You might own the most magnificent, well-maintained rental property the world has ever known. The landscaping is pristine and you present a remarkable product to the rental world. There's just one problem: you still encounter problems with your property as well as the occasional complaint from your tenant.

IPS knows that regardless of the condition of your property, problems will arise and tenants will have complaints. Independent Property Solutions presents four of the most common tenant complaints:


Every tenant expects to reach his or her landlord when necessary. Nothing is more frustrating to a paying renter than feeling as though requests for communication are ignored or returned phone calls are unnecessarily delayed. Lack of solid communication is the number one complaint from tenants who feel a property manager or landlord is too busy to address concerns. With each communication delay, tenants feel increasingly led to seek housing elsewhere. IPS knows the value of a good tenant and seeks to communicate openly and efficiently with each one in order to best meet needs while rising above expectations.


Many landlords and property management companies fail to establish an effective system for reporting maintenance problems. IPS offers a smooth, efficient system for reporting issues and seeks timely, effective resolutions satisfying both tenant and property owner. IPS takes all concerns very seriously and follows up on maintenance repairs to ensure problems are addressed promptly to the satisfaction of both tenant and rental property owner.


Unfortunately, the occasional rodent or bug can sneak into a rental property, wreaking havoc if not quickly exterminated. IPS takes special measures to reduce chances of critter encounters, drastically reducing such complaints. If you are in search of a property management company, be sure to inquire about pest control preventative procedures and routine inspections in order to ensure proper measures are in place for unlikely pest invasion.


Handling the occasional noisy neighbor complaint can be awkward and tricky if not done respectfully and professionally. While there are times when noise control is beyond the realm of property management duties, tenants still need to see that landlords and property managers are genuinely concerned and are actively seeking peaceful resolutions. IPS prides itself on tenant retention and takes every measure to ensure all residents feel safe and comfortable at all the hours of the day and night.


Problems are unavoidable and the occasional tenant complaint will occur even amidst the best possible scenario. Experienced property managers know that relationships are everything. IPS strives to maintain solid relationships with tenants and rental property owners, applying years of property management experience while providing top-notch service to both tenants and rental property owners alike.

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