6 Signs of a Premium Tenant

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6 Signs of a Premium Tenant

Oct. 22, 2019

1. Sound Motivation

Most people have moved around a bit. Some move due to affordability or other financial reasons. Others relocate due to job opportunities and some move because of a tenant/landlord fallout. Whatever the case might be,stability should be the ultimate longing for any applicant. If the motivation for moving is solid, then proceed to the next step!

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2. Longevity

Stability and longevity go hand-in-hand in most situations. If your applicant has a history of staying put for long periods of time, that could be an indication that you have yourself a great future tenant! If the applicant has been known to move around frequently every few months, might be time for you to move on to the next applicant!

3. Good Reputation

If in investigating an applicant's references, you find that previous landlords have only the best things to say about your candidate, that's a great indication that they paid the rent on time, don't have a history of property damage or disagreements with property managers and they are probably very reliable as a whole. Be sure to call at least three previous landlords if possible to make sure the story stays consistent!

4. Detail-Oriented

Great tenants often appear in the form of detail-oriented applicants who don't skip portions of the rental application or fail to fill out the proper forms correctly and in a timely fashion. A tenant who has his or her "stuff" together will already be prepared to hand over references and all proper documentation and required paperwork. There will be no hemming and hawing through the application process and they will proceed efficiently without chaos and unnecessary delays. Pay attention to your applicant's attention to details!

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5. Professional Demeanor

Solid potential tenants will communicate in a professional tone and manner with property managers and landlords or management companies. They will seek to proceed with all things rental related in professional manner in order to maintain a polite and pleasant relationship with all parties. If you find that an applicant is being rude or disrespectful in anyway during the application process, consider this to be a sign of a bad future landlord/tenant relationship. One who is belligerent the beginning of a process will only become more agitated and noncompliant once they move in and get comfortable. A great candidate will listen polities when you speak and show appreciation for expressed policies and procedures rather than being annoyed by them.

6. Inquisitive

Good tenants are applicants who ask the right questions such as: "What is the proper protocol for communicating with maintenance?" or "What utilities am I responsible for?" When an applicant inquires about late fees or expresses nervousness at the security deposit, landlord beware!

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