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7 Tips for "Summerizing" Your Rental

May 29, 2019

The Beach Boys "raised a fuss" about "workin' all summer just to earn a dollar." In fact, they even threatened to take their "problem to the United Nations." Many landlords probably share the same emotions during summer months when prepping rental properties for warm weather season. Fortunately, there is a cure for the summertime blues and summerizing your rental doesn't have to be as difficult as it sounds.

In fact, Innovative Property Solutions suggests seven simple tips for quickly and effectively summerizing your rental property:

  1. Safety First! – If any of your rentals contain pools, be sure to clean them, post appropriate signage and make sure all locks and gates are in good working order.
  2. Check the Tank! – Perhaps your property is home to an impressive gas grill! If so, make sure the propane tank is full, that there are no leaks and scrub down the grill.
  3. Check the Sprinklers! – Make sure to service your irrigation system in order to maintain fresh, healthy landscaping and reduce the possibility of standing water or leaks. Be sure to program your sprinkler system in order to avoid a dry lawn!
  4. Check Detectors! – Ensure that all smoke, carbon monoxide and other detectors are in good working order and change the batteries in each one. Be sure each property is equipped with appropriately placed fire extinguishers.
  5. AC is the Key! – Be sure to have your air conditioning checked, the coils cleaned, dampers adjusted and removed any form of debris from the perimeter of the unit.
  6. Do You Have Enough Seating? – Checking to make sure your outdoor furniture is well maintained is key for multifamily summer renters. Ensure that you have plenty of seating, that umbrellas, tables and chairs are not dilapidated or in need of repair and that outdoor facilities are clean.
  7. Know the Rules! – Be sure to check state and local laws to learn whether you are required to put screens on windows and doors. These are important rules to follow in order to maintain landlord compliance.

Once you've accomplished this simple task list, you'll see that there's really no need to "call my congressman. Take the weeks and have a fine vacation!" However, you wouldn't have to do ANY of this if you hired a property manager!

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