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If you want professional help from property managers for your Atlantic Beach rental, let us help. Our management company, Innovative Property Solutions is here for you. Call us!

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, we take pride in our local expertise. We are focused on managing condominiums, duplexes, single-family homes, as well as multi-unit complexes.

We have full-service, cost-effective solutions to your property management problems and needs. Whether you need more support in marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, or rental home upkeep, our management company can help. We have a variety of property management plans that provide a hassle-free solution to the problems of self-managing.

Innovative Property Solutions

    Areas We Service:

  • Arlington, Avondale/ Riverside, Intracoastal, Mandarin, San Jose
  • San Marco, Southside and Town Center Area, Ponte Vedra Beach
  • World Golf Village, Orange Park, St Johns, Atlantic Beach
  • Jacksonville Beach, Mayport and Neptune Beach

Superior Services at Affordable Rates

Our goal at Innovative Property Solutions is to assist rental home owners to achieve the financial freedom they desire. We accomplish this by maximizing their returns on investment with our cost-effective management plans. Each of our plans is fully adaptable to your specific needs.

With our services, Atlantic Beach property management has never been so simple!

Contact us! Call (904) 321-9020 and we can begin to develop your property management plan to help you reach your financial goals!

Our Property Management Services

At Innovative Property Solutions, we offer a variety of excellent services to property owners. We combine our developed industry solutions and cutting-edge technology to get the best results. Here are some of the services you’ll enjoy when you sign on with us:

1. Marketing of your Rental

Strategic marketing of your rental home is the first step to earning passive income from your investment. At Innovative Property Solutions, your financial goals are our priority. We’ll invest our time and energy in attracting the best tenants in the area for your unit.

We market online using rental listing sites such as Trulia, Zillow, and MLS. To waste less time in viewings, we use self-serve digital lockbox systems on all the properties we market. This allows for the convenience of multiple showings for inquiring tenants, which means we can fill vacancies faster.

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2. Thorough Tenant Screening

Every property owner’s goal is to find quality tenants for their rental home. At Innovative Property Solutions, we offer excellent tenant screening to ensure that we find the most responsible and financially accountable tenants on the Atlantic Beach market.

Each applicant will be subject to an examination of their rental, credit, financial, and criminal backgrounds and history. We also offer our clients the protection of our Tenant Guarantee, which creates a minimal risk environment for them. Our goal is to reduce the risk of evictions, which are stressful and result in massive legal costs. Proper tenant selection is a crucial part of avoiding this issue.

3. Effective Rent Collection

Our goal at Innovative Property Solutions is to help property owners earn maximum returns from their Atlantic Beach property. We help them earn a profit by guaranteeing they receive timely rent payments every month without the hassle.

We manage the enforcement of rent collection policies when it comes to late or missed payments. We are firm in adhering to our policies, outlined in each of our lease agreements, to ensure tenants are well aware of when, where, and how they need to make their payments each month.

In the unlikely situation that we will need to evict a tenant, we will handle all the legal aspects. Our clients enjoy peace of mind when they entrust their Atlantic Beach rental to our management team.

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4. Regular Property Maintenance

For your Atlantic Beach property to increase in value year after year, it must stay in excellent condition. You can achieve this through regular maintenance. Our property management company invests in cutting-edge technology that helps us accomplish this efficiently and easily.

We conduct regular inspections that we capture on video and store in cloud technology. This means they can be viewed and inspected at any time by all parties involved in the rental. This reduces the number of conflicts between owners and tenants over damage in the unit and security deposit returns. To provide our clients with more peace of mind, we also have a direct call service available at all hours and days for tenant emergencies.

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

One of the main benefits of hiring property managers is the provision of detailed financial recordkeeping. At Innovative Property Solutions, we provide expense receipts, signed lease agreements, bill payment records, and other pertinent documentation.

These records are available to our clients at any time in an online portal. We also have a skilled team of accountants available to our clients. They can provide explanations of the documents and help figure out our client’s expense accounting, tax forms, and more.

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About Atlantic Beach, Florida

Atlantic Beach is part of the Duval County and Jacksonville Beaches communities in Jacksonville, Florida. Residents of Atlantic Beach enjoy living here for the sense of community it provides, Florida’s wonderful climate, and Atlantic Beach’s general sense of safety. There are plenty of parks, cafes, beaches, and quality schools for residents to enjoy here.

Source: Wikipedia.

Interesting Things To Do in Atlantic Beach:

  • Howell Park - If you’re fond of nature, you’ll enjoy the myriad of streams and walking trails of Howell Park. Enjoy the open spaces and engage in outdoor activities.
  • The Riverside Arts Market - Here you can score some unique finds in this combo farmer’s market and flea market in one. You can find scrumptious baked goodies, organic products, and unique art items.

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