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Insider tips to live it up like a local

Sept. 30, 2020

Taking to heart the notion that the American Dream starts with its neighborhoods, we take a look at the thriving communities within Orange Park.

Since the early days of dreaming up orange orchards across Florida, the region has dramatically changed and developed to make a wide variety of improvements to meet the demands and growing dreams of its residents and visitors.

To all those who call Orange Park home, these neighborhoods boast the best of the area.

Home sweet home - a neighborhood of your own

From the entertainment at the Clay County Fairgrounds, the abundance of gourmet delicacies and fresh produce at the Orange Park Farmers and Arts Markets, to the nearly countless trails at Alpine Groves and Black Creek, there’s truly something for everyone.

The community theatre and schools embolden the futures of the younger citizenry and the Eagle Harbor Gold Club gives leisure ground to those with pleasure time on their hands.

It’s been home to the military and the renowned Palmolive soap company, but to experience Orange Park, there’s only one proper way to do it: like a local. Here’s our insider tips.


If, as they say, home is where the heart is, the sound of children’s laughter will surely buoy your heart should you find yourself in Lakeside.

Beyond the three large campuses within the district, Lakeside is also home to Thrasher-Horne Center for the arts, a performing arts theatre used for various plays and events.

The elementary schools in the Clay Country region, some dating back to 1927, continue to operate and create family-friendly communities.

Recreation, naturally, is a favorite national pastime.

Nearby Moose Haven sits directly on the River Road Historic District, a stretch of road dotted with century old trees and ten historic buildings sites, where many locals come to jog and visitors promenade in the afternoon.

Fleming Island

Business is booming in Fleming Island, a bedroom community that is ranked among the wealthiest zip codes in the area.

Commerce and venture flourishes in the many major developments of Pace Island and Eagle Harbor, and the shopping in these neighborhoods is unrivalled.

Retail Therapy - shopping delights

Once you’re done with shopping at the likes of Kohl’s and Publix as well as local favorite independent stores like Lemon Twist Boutique, take the time to unwind outside.

Head through a labyrinth of nature trails at Black Creek, affording bikers and hikers alike endless opportunities on the south end of Fleming Island.

A canal through Moccasin Slough is even navigable by canoes and small boats. For additional trekking, read about more places to blaze trails in the parks of Jacksonville.

Now that you’ve earned it: you could finish off the day with a daquiri back down at the Daq Shack.

Bellair-Meadowbrook Terrace

Located in the northeastern part of Clay County, Bellair-Meadowbrook Terrace is the home of the Orange Park Mall.

The Mall stands as an outstanding example of the character of residents and the forward-thinking industry of those who call Orange Park home.

The essentials are met easily here but the Mall goes above and beyond just the needs of its citizens. It is ever-growing to meet new and changing demands.

To pique the interest of music fans worldwide, visit the Jacksonville Memorial Gardens (adjacent to the Orange Park Mall).

This trip will let you uncover the controversy regarding the unearthing of the tomb of Lynyrd Skynard’s vocalist Ronnie Van Zant. Perhaps it remains a local’s best kept secret where the undisclosed remains have been relocated to!

Locally grown - the freshest produce in the region

For a less morbid adventure, treat yourself to a meander through the neighboring Farmers Market. The Orange Park Farmers and Arts Market features the most tantalizing produce of the surrounding greenthumbs and also shares the wares of its local art community.

Oakleaf Plantation

Finally there’s every local’s other obsession: golf. Oakleaf Plantation has a championship course worth checking out.

The Eagle Harbor Gold Club offers an unmatchable experience.

On the green - championship golfing grounds

Not far off, and for additional amusement, the Clay County Fairgrounds provides elevated fun for all ages.

In a nutshell....

Orange Park meets the highest standards for a community to thrive: it hosts truly affable neighborhoods for families, where you can live, work and amuse oneself close to home.

With a multiple village style concept of community, growing commerce opportunities, and long earned trust in Florida’s most respected builders, Orange Park is sure to exceed your expectations.

Enlisting the expertise of Innovative Property Solutions – with their fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, with construction expertise and community involvement – developing a home here is a winning way to pursue your every American Dream.

Renowned for nearly yearlong sunny weather, Orange Park is a haven for tourists and home-dwellers alike. There are uncountable things to do in the adjacent communities as well.

There are topnotch schools and recreation centres, buzzing shopping districts and malls, historic and eccentric landmarks. It’s an epicenter for nature lovers and golfers, beach goers and gourmands.

Orange Park meets the needs of an all round urban-suburban lifestyle but exceeds the dreams of any newcomer looking to develop in one of the finest growing neighborhoods in Florida.

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