8 Cleaning Tips for Landlords Before New Tenants Move In

8 Cleaning Tips for Landlords Before New Tenants Move In

April 20, 2021

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While owning a property certainly has its perks, preparing for a change in tenancy can be difficult. Move-in cleaning is undoubtedly one of the most stressful aspects of renting out a property, as your place needs to be well maintained and in tip-top condition. Every tenant moving into your property deserves to have a clean and hygienic environment. It is your responsibility as a landlord to make sure you hand over the house in its best shape.

Are you confused about how to clean your property during tenancy changes? Look no further! We bring you the ultimate checklist about the move-in cleaning, complete with tips and tricks to leave your property gleaming!

1. Make A Checklist For Your Tenants


When your previous tenants are moving out, it is their responsibility to leave the property as they found it. Having your ex-tenants do their part of the cleaning will make the later stages of the process feel like a breeze. You can make a checklist for your tenants according to your specifications. That will earn them their total deposit and also make the final move-in cleaning process easier for you.

2. Wipe The Place Down

Complete and thorough cleaning of the house is vital before renting out your property. You can either hire professional cleaners to tackle the cleaning or take the job on yourself if you’re on a lower budget. A top-to-bottom cleaning will help you find better tenants and rent out your place at a higher price. It will also unveil any maintenance issues that you may need to tackle later.

To make the move-in cleaning process more organized and efficient, make a detailed checklist for yourself. Write down all the spaces that will need to be cleaned, alongside any residential maintenance issues. Make sure that your to-do list includes the following, as these can usually be the make or break factor for tenants looking to rent your place:

3. Take Note of General Maintenance

Repairing is a large part of any move-in cleaning procedure. Even if your floors shine and your countertops glimmer, broken appliances or leaking drains will ultimately put off potential tenants from renting your place. After you’ve scrubbed the place down, take the time out to investigate and schedule any necessary repairs for your property. You might want to check for:


Ensure that your property is spotless and everything is in excellent working order before your new tenants move in. Regular maintenance between tenancies will help you avoid the vast costs of numerous repairs. Also, it will simultaneously extend the life of your property.

4. Carpet Care Is Vital

Carpets are the most significant dust and germ magnets. For this reason, it is essential to give them thorough vacuuming and deep shampoo before renting your place out. However, if your carpets are damaged or very old, replacing them might be the best way to go. Replacing carpets helps to elevate the overall look and feel of your place. It also rids your property of any pests, odor, or long-embedded stains.

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5. Get Rid Of The Creepy Crawlers

Any move-in cleaning is incomplete without a bug check. Schedule extermination or pest treatment for your property- unless you want your potential tenants to walk in, spot an eight-legged creature on the walls, and walk right out! Pest treatments are even more important if your property has been uninhabited for a while.

6. Get Your Brushes Out

Painting a property is the most cost-effective way to give it a newer and fresher appeal that also increases your chances of finding tenants for your place. You don’t necessarily need to hire professionals for this job. Also, you can save a good deal of money by painting the property yourself. Make sure you educate yourself about the right way to do it. Apply fresh paint to all indoor areas, as well as the outside of the unit.


7. Look Out The Windows

Maintaining the exterior of your property is as essential as the inside. Keep up with the landscaping, painting, tree trimming, porch cleaning, etc. That is because the outside of your property is the first thing prospective tenants will see. Hiring a landscaping staff might be your best option to ensure that you cover all problem areas and bases.

8. Cutting Corners Is Never The Solution

It is no secret that move-in cleaning can be stressful. But a simple, half-hearted wipe down of your property will get you nowhere. Set a high cleanliness standard, and invest time and energy into your property. It will save you money and time in the long run. Also, it will extend the life of your property, ensuring that you can continue renting it out in the future.

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