Best Areas to Invest in Jacksonville

Best Areas to Invest in Jacksonville

April 9, 2021

Best Areas to Invest in Jacksonville

Are you looking to invest in Jacksonville, FL real estate?

Jacksonville is where investors are putting in their hard-earned investment money. Its growing population, strong economy and affordable quality of life continue to attract new residents.

Before signing any property purchase contracts, take time to conduct sound research. This ensures you’ll be able to reach your projected returns, which depend on the neighborhood you’re planning to invest in.

In this article, we here at Innovative Property Solutions will talk about the different neighborhoods in Jacksonville you can consider for your investment. Being aware of which neighborhoods are going to give you the best value for your cash will give you an edge over other real estate investors in Florida.

Best Jacksonville Neighborhoods to Buy Real Estate

Fleming Island

Considered one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods, Fleming Island is ideal for families who want to have the best quality education for their kids. The Clay County School District is renowned for being top caliber, scoring above the national average in the country.

Residents who are looking for a high quality of life can find a nature-imbued community in Fleming Island, complete with water parks and natural wildlife. There are plenty of amenities to keep you busy, with a variety of shops and restaurants available. Balancing its retail and commercial entertainment are nature parks such as Alpine Groves Park, Thunderbolt Park and Camp Chowenwaw Park.


Lakeside is a gated community scoring high in terms of quality of education, diversity, safety and as a friendly community to raise a family. It’s also an ideal place to spend in retirement. In Lakeside, one can find large community parks where families and friends can gather for a fun day together.

lakeside jacksonville real estate

Consistent with its name, Lakeside is situated near Doctors Lake, providing residents with daily water activities at any time. They can head out to fish or spend a relaxing time boating. It also has several restaurants, parks and cafes available for the residents to enjoy.

Fruit Cove

If you’re looking to invest in a property that integrates nature into its lifestyle, Fruit Cove is the best pick. It’s located near a river and bay with an abundance of parks like Julington Creek Plantation Park. The schools here are categorized as excellent. The crime rate is also low, giving its residents a sense of security no matter what time of day or night they head out.

The community is tight-knit with residents staying here for years. If you’re looking for a particular cuisine, you won’t be disappointed since the amenities are stellar. High-quality grocery shops and local family grocers give you plenty of choices. The job market is also very healthy, making it easy to find work. For some downtime, you can go boating, as most properties are located near a waterfront area.

Del Rio

Del Rio is an area where a fit lifestyle is encouraging. With plenty of outdoor activities available, one can go to the beach and enjoy the numerous waterways. The community is also diverse, welcoming everyone from different places.

There’s a general sense of safety promoted in Del Rio. It’s also pet-friendly. Plenty of good schools are available for families raising their kids, and different mid-sized property homes are available for investment. They come in the range of single-family homes. As an old community, Del Rio has a good share of historical homes in their neighborhood.

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Green Cove Springs

Considered a small town with a significantly less population in comparison to other neighborhoods, Green Cove Springs exudes a rural feel. If you’re looking for a friendly community, Green Cove Springs is tight-knit, promoting local businesses. Families would also be happy to know high-quality education is available here.

Green Cove Springs is at the cusp of progressive development, so investing here can be a good opportunity. You can spend time in the local spring park, dine out and shop around. If you’re looking for hard-to-find items, a big town shopping center is available for your needs.

The best thing about choosing Green Cove Springs is its proximity to big city amenities, an airport and sports stadiums. Simultaneously, you can opt for a laidback activity and find a nearby body of water to fish and go boating.

Oakleaf Plantation

Combining top-notch amenities with a clubhouse, a pool, and a natural environment with a nearby pocket of forest, Oakleaf Plantation is an ideal neighborhood to invest in. Investors can offer their prospects excellent schools and different property types.

Built in 2004, Oakleaf Plantation aims to attract families with a large portion of their properties dedicated to single-family homes. Generally, 4-bedroom homes are available here with sizable lots. Further, you won’t run out of interesting activities staying here with community park events, sports facilities for golf, soccer, baseball and tennis available. If outdoor nature is your preference, you can hike, bike or go horseback riding, given its proximity to Jennings State Forest.

oakleaf plantation jacksonville real estate

Greenland Chase

Greenland Chase offers fairly priced properties with outstanding amenities. One can enjoy a pool and a clubhouse in this neighborhood. It’s committed to providing a relaxing lifestyle to its residents. It also has a significantly low crime rate.

Greenland Chase has thriving local businesses where dining options are plentiful. There is amazing entertainment available such as movie theaters and concerts. Greenland Chase is also a well-kept neighborhood, leading to a great quality of life.

In a Nutshell: Best Real Estate Markets in Jacksonville

Jacksonville has been gaining huge interest over time considering its mild climate, high quality of living, ideal setup to raise families, excellent schools, wide choice of wonderful entertainment and strong employment opportunities.

If you are searching to buy Jacksonville real estate, you may check out Fleming Island, Lakeside, Fruit Cove, Del Rio, Green Cove Springs, Oakleaf Plantation and Greenland Chase.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have questions about investment opportunities in Jacksonville, FL!

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