Top 7 Amenities Renters Can’t Resist in Jacksonville

Top 7 Amenities Renters Can’t Resist in Jacksonville

Nov. 10, 2021

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As a baseline, success in the rental property business means you’re able to attract tenants to rental properties. However, crafting an eye-catching rental ad that is detailed and has great photos is only half the battle. To win the other half, you’ll need to cater to what prospective tenants are looking for. This can be found through your property’s amenities.

To help you boost your rental property’s appeal, Innovative Property Solutions has outlined the top 7 amenities Jacksonville tenants often look for!

1. A Pet-Friendly Rental

America is a nation of pet lovers. We treat our cuddly companions as family, and many people will only rent properties that have pet-friendly policies.

Admittedly, accepting pets isn’t without its fair share of risks. They can scratch the floors or chew up carpets. Luckily, most–if not all–of these issues can be addressed by having a solid pet policy.

You can, for example, keep your property protected by charging tenants a pet deposit. In Florida, the amount usually ranges anywhere between $200 and $500. And, unlike a security deposit, a pet deposit is normally non-refundable at the end of the lease term.

Your tenants may also appreciate easier-to-clean flooring. So, consider installing tile, vinyl, laminate, or sealed hardwood flooring. These are also scratch-resistant, so your property will be well-maintained.

2. An Upgraded Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a home. Renters are always looking for upgraded kitchens that are convenient and feel modern. Tenants who love to cook will especially find an upgraded kitchen to be a great perk. If your kitchen looks dated and the appliances are old, consider remodeling it.

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Start with the appliances. Go for stainless steel ones since they are durable and easier to maintain. As for the countertop, consider using granite. A granite countertop is a popular addition to any kitchen remodeling project. They are scratch-resistant, low-maintenance, and will last a lifetime.

Stainless steel appliances and granite countertops are great investments. They are luxury amenities and can allow you to ask for more rent on top of attracting more tenants. It’s a win-win scenario!

3. A Nice Outdoor Space

Many landlords in Jacksonville only focus their attention on their property’s interior and forget the exterior. This tends to be a mistake. The outdoor area is an important part of a home, and a nice one is something tenants will be looking for.

Renters will appreciate areas such as a roof garden, a small patio, or a fenced yard where they can go to enjoy the sunshine. If your outdoor space is overgrown and difficult to access, it could be time for a beneficial change.

4. A Secure Rental Property

Everyone wants to live in a safe home; your Jacksonville tenants are no exception. One of the most popular amenities tenants appreciate is gated access. And understandably so. A study done by the Oxford Handbook of Environmental Criminology found homes with gates access experienced 33% fewer burglaries than non-gated ones!

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But in the absence of gated access, renters also appreciate homes that have security systems installed. Common security amenities include security cameras, automatic locking doors, alarm systems, and secure package delivery.

5. An Updated Bathroom

A bathroom can make or break your chances of getting tenants. Bathrooms are a vital part of the home, and ones that are outdated can have a negative effect on prospective tenants’ opinions of the rental unit.

Replace the toilet, ensure you have good water pressure in the showerhead, and install storage space. This will make a big difference when it comes to your rental property’s appeal. Not only that but updating the bathroom means fewer maintenance issues and costs for you!

6. Ample Parking

The last thing your tenant wants is to spend an hour looking for a spot to park their vehicle. This can be a quick way to lose a tenant.

In a city like Jacksonville, garage parking and assigned parking are a hit with tenants. Covered parking can also set your property apart due to its protection from the rain or other weather events.

If you offer any of the three parking options, make sure to include that in your rental ad. It can help attract a huge tenant pool, increasing your chances of landing the right type of tenant.

7. Online Rent Payments

Are you still requiring tenants to pay you by check? If you are, it may be the reason why tenants are avoiding renting your property in the first place. It can be a nuisance to tenants if they have to arrange a physical form of payment month after month, not to mention time-consuming.

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Online rent payments are becoming more popular by the day. They are fast and convenient, increasing the chances of renters paying on time.

What’s more, when you collect rent online, you give your tenants an option to set up automatic payments. This will further help minimize late or missed rent payments.

Bottom Line

Providing tenants with the amenities they are looking for is a quick way to stand out from the competition. And, as we all know, low vacancies will mean a steady income stream and maximized profits!

If you need help with attracting prospective tenants to your Jacksonville rental property or help with any other form of property management, contact Innovative Property Solutions today. We’d be happy to speak to you about our services!

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