How to Boost Your Rental Property's Curb Appeal

How to Boost Your Rental Property's Curb Appeal

May 11, 2022

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Sometimes landlords can overlook the importance of an attractive curb appeal to the success of their rental home. But this should be on the list of priorities.

Your rental unit’s interior may contain luxurious furnishings and appear organized, but prospective tenants won’t see that until they come inside. The first thing that people look at is your property’s curb appeal.

How to Increase Curb Appeal

You don’t have to spend a lot and display an over-the-top exterior. In fact, even minimal effort is enough to create a strong impression on prospective tenants. If you manage to earn their attention, they might decide to stay in your rental unit.

You can try to incorporate these recommendations to enhance your curb appeal and capture your target renters’ interest:

Throw in Bright Colors

Adding color to your rental’s exterior can create a vibrant change. If your neighborhood’s houses are painted in neutral shades, stand out from the pack by throwing in a bold hue. This requires minimal effort and a small budget on your part but can drastically improve the look of your unit.

Marketing is easier when your property’s exterior shines above the rest. While bright colors turn heads, it doesn’t have to mean you need to paint rental neon orange just to catch attention.

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Consider splashing bright colors on small details such as your mailbox or outside furniture. You can even display colored florals if you want to keep your curb appeal simple but still attractive and colorful.

Greenery Uplifts the Mood

Most planned communities design the green spaces of a neighborhood. You can copy this idea for your curb appeal by showcasing plants on the outer area of your rental unit. Greenery is known to elicit a calm vibe and builds a serene atmosphere.

Maximize the beauty of natural greenery by planting more decorative plants or new grass. You can also hire a landscape artist or gardener to make some improvements before advertising your rental to prospective tenants.

Remember that easy-to-maintain plants are more favorable, so maintenance is a breeze. Otherwise, you can risk them being neglected by your busy renters.

Set Up Tasteful Lighting

Though you might think that marketing your rental ends at nighttime, this isn’t true. You can still impress passersby with stunning views of your property during the night. This is done with the aid of excellent lighting.

The range of lighting available in terms of design and prices is an advantage to the property owners. You can elevate the look of your rental place simply by adding and changing the lights at night. Proper lighting can also elevate the property during a virtual tour.

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You can highlight the pathway towards your rental door by installing bright lights. This creates a charming and elegant mood. It also increases the security factor. Well-lighted homes tend to be avoided by trespassers.

Prioritize Your Landscaping and Maintenance

If you want to dial up the impact of your curb appeal, pay attention to your front lot. The more organized and tidy it is, the stronger and more positive impression you build up. Potential tenants checking out your rental home will size up your curb appeal at first sight.

Dedicate time to mow the lawn, remove the weeds and replace withered plants. Follow a consistent maintenance schedule. In the end, your regular upkeep pays off since an attractive curb appeal is easy on the eyes making marketing a breeze.

Maintaining your curb appeal also discourages intruders from breaking in your vacant rental home. If they see that your front yard is properly cared for, they will assume that there are people staying inside the property. Hence, they’re unlikely to trespass.

Paint the Unit’s Exterior

Over time, your rental home will appear dull with fading paint. This is acceptable due to normal wear and tear. If you notice that the rental appears drab, you can freshen it up with a new layer of paint.

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Remember to select a high-quality paint so your property is enhanced more. Hire a professional to perform the work. Going for the DIY route can become more costly especially if you have little painting experience.

Note that your objective is to attract interest and to fulfill this goal, your rental property’s curb appeal must appear flawless.

Focus on Your Property’s Front Door

While performing improvements around your curb appeal, avoid neglecting the condition of your front door. Assess if you need to take action and make changes. Even if your entire rental exterior looks updated, the view of your unattractive door can reduce your effort of increasing interest and appeal.

Check if you need to do some replacements with the doorknobs and hardware. Decide if you’re going to repaint the front door. If it has seen better days, you can also replace it with a new one.

Another essential factor to examine is the security of your front door. Since it’s a main entry way, it should be made of a solid material. Go for a heavy wood, fiberglass or steel door.

The more durable the material of the door, the safer your tenants will feel. Make it a point to offer both an attractive and secure front door for your rental.

Plan a Routine Cleaning Schedule

Having a consistent cleaning schedule makes it simple to manage your curb appeal. Pristine exteriors can rake in more views and raise interest.

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Consider power washing, eliminating clutter and keeping your outdoor furniture well-maintained.

The more refreshing your rental property’s curb appeal the greater the attention you can attract. With properly maintained exteriors, potential renters are likely to contact for a property tour. It’s also assumed that your interiors will look as well-kept as the outside of your rental home.

Bottom Line

If you want to attract long-term tenants and keep them happy, start by taking the time to upgrade your curb appeal. You can engage the services of a reputable property management company such as Innovative Property Solutions.

They can assist you in maintaining a superb-looking curb appeal. They also offer other essential property management services from marketing to re​​nt collection.

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