Reasons to Invest in Jacksonville Real Estate

Reasons to Invest in Jacksonville Real Estate

Feb. 5, 2021

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Are you looking to invest in Jacksonville, Florida?

Investing in Jacksonville, FL offers great prospects when it comes to properties. The Greater Jacksonville Area covers numerous neighborhoods and communities that could give a substantial return on your investment.

Many factors demonstrate the long-term potential of Jacksonville property investments. The local economy is growing at a steady rate and the median rent offers superb value for real estate buyers.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll delve deeper into the major reasons why you should invest in the Jacksonville, FL area. Additionally, you’ll learn about the top neighborhoods in Jacksonville and its surroundings.

Quick Lowdown: Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is called the River City by the Sea. While it’s one of the major hotspots of the Sunshine State, Jacksonville crushes the typical view of Florida being a place for retirees.

Numerous Jacksonville neighborhoods are focused on young professionals and families with children. The entertainment, dining and outdoor activities options are all first-rate in this city.

Even if you want to venture outside of Jacksonville, you’re never too far away from the other major cities inside and outside the state. For instance, it would take around two hours to reach Orlando. Without traffic jams, you could easily get to Atlanta in under five hours.

When it comes to outdoor activities, did you know that Jacksonville has the largest urban park system in the United States? Tremendous thought and planning has been used to make this achievement happen. Additionally, you can find 10 National Parks and State Parks in its surroundings.

jacksonville real estate market

Why Invest in Jacksonville, FL?

Jacksonville has a healthy job market, which is always good news to prospective investors. According to Forbes rankings, Jacksonville is the 22nd best place for business in the States. Additionally, it’s the 26th best location for job growth.

In fact, Jacksonville is one of the faster-growing cities in the U.S. In the southern portion of the U.S. Only Austin, Texas has managed to surpass Jacksonville’s outstanding growth, as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2019.

When you look at the “Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2020” report by PwC, you’ll learn that Jacksonville is the 12th top market for homebuilding in America. When it comes to general real estate prospects, the Greater Jacksonville Area belongs to the 25 best metro areas in the country.

The substantial growth of Jacksonville means there will be a steady rental home demand. As an investor, it pays to keep in mind that even with a slowdown, Jacksonville would still be the 14th biggest city in the U.S. That population number is going to sustain demand for quality rental properties.

Zillow data shows that the median Jacksonville monthly rent is approximately $1,350. Honing in on the Jacksonville Metro Area pushes that number up to $1,509. The Zillow statistics demonstrate that close to half of all Jacksonville rental units command a monthly rental income of $1,001 to $1,500.

The sustainability and profitability of Jacksonville investments are based on more than raw data. You need to consider the quality of life and potential for short-term rental strategies as well.

jacksonville fl real estate market

Here are some of the top sights and activities in Jacksonville:

What Are the Best Jacksonville Neighborhoods to Invest in?

Let’s go over some of the top neighborhoods that you could consider as your real estate investment in Jacksonville, FL:


The dual neighborhoods of Riverside and Avondale are usually regarded as one contiguous community. While the home prices have surged over the years, you’ll get a high-end quality of life in this area.

What makes Riverside-Avondale so appealing is its sheer variety of dining and entertainment options. This neighborhood has many big retail hotspots like the Five Points District.

Downtown Jacksonville

This is the center of everything that’s happening in Jacksonville. The selling prices and median rent commands a premium, but its residents get everything they want in return. That’s why downtown is a popular area among successful young professionals.

Many of the highly-coveted jobs are located in Downtown Jacksonville. That’s because Fortune 500 enterprises like CSX and FIS are located in this part of the city. The food, drink and nightlife options in the downtown area are of the highest quality.

Bartram Park

This is a completely different playing field. The neighborhood of Bartram Park spans close to 5,000 acres of gated-community land. These communities cover a range of housing needs, including single-family homes, condos and townhouses.

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Some of the notable communities in Bartram Park are Monteville, Arium, Arrowood, and Hawthorn. If someone is looking for a place where dining and shopping are never too far away, Bartram Park fits the bill.

Murray Hill

The Greater Jacksonville area matches the investing wants and needs of investors with different financial opportunities. For instance, Murray Hill is a neighborhood that provides more affordable real estate compared to the adjacent areas.

Murray Hill is located conveniently close to many entertainment and retail options. The area features homes that are smaller compared to other neighborhoods close-by. However, it makes up for it with many public parks, such as Four Corner Park and Cameron Park.

In a Nutshell: Why Invest in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida is on the minds of many real estate investors. The Greater Jacksonville Metro Area offers substantial potential in terms of rental property investments due to its economy, population and growth prospects. Conduct plenty of research and consult with our real estate experts to make a wise investment.

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