FAQ About Hurricane Dorian


Special Owner FAQ

Aug. 28, 2019

SPECIAL FAQ: Hurricane Dorian

August 28th, 2019


Q: Is it too late to have trees trimmed back before the storm? 

A: Simply put: yes.

Q: Do you have someone who can install hurricane shutters or plywood?

A: For owners who have uninstalled shutters on location, IPS MIGHT find an installer, however this last-minute preparation should not be viewed as a guarantee. In addition, it is far too late to utilize plywood for owners who do not already have shutters installed/available.

Q: Who is responsible if a neighbor’s tree falls in my yard?

A: It does not matter in which direction the tree or branches fell or landed, the owner of the property that the branches/tree are currently in is legally responsible. 

Q: Will IPS be inspecting my home after the storm?

A: IPS will be planning inspections depending on the storm's track, how strong of a storm hit the area, and whether or not IPS has reports from the tenant. This will be handled on a case by case basis. IPS anticipates conducting numerous inspections depending on the variables.

Q: What has IPS instructed tenants to do?

A: An announcement went out on August 28th 2019 to all tenant. We instruct the tenants on how to report damages, to photograph any and all damages, and to protect themselves and their family and to follow local officials warnings. In addition they are all instructed to remove anything out side that could blown away or cause damage, we ask them to close any hurricane shutters if the home has them, lower the level of pool water, and to take any reasonable action to prevent damage to the home during and before the storm.

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