Best Neighborhoods in Jacksonville FL

Where to Live in Jacksonville FL

June 12, 2020

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Are you considering investing in or moving to Jacksonville, Florida?

What makes Jacksonville even more enticing is its proximity to other major cities. Orlando is a little more than two hours away, while Atlanta is less than five hours away, without significant traffic jams. A getaway to Miami requires five and a half hours of driving.

Innovative Property Solutions have gathered this list of the best Jacksonville FL neighborhoods. Read our thorough guide to Jacksonville's best areas for living and real estate investing to make your big entrance into this city a success.

best areas in jacksonville fl to live

#1: Murray Hill

Murray Hill is a popular Jacksonville neighborhood that has more affordable real estate prices compared to other nearby areas. Most of the homes in this neighborhood tend to be on the smaller size.

As a resident, you can enjoy a variety of places to unwind and relax amid the greenery. The most frequented parks include Cameron Park, Four Corner Park and Jasmine Park.

Murray Hill has a convenient location, yet it has lower housing prices than some of the other neighborhoods that are close to shopping and entertainment opportunities.

#2: Riverside-Avondale

Avondale and Riverside are two of the best neighborhoods in Jacksonville, and have become truly trendy places. Because these communities merge into one contiguous neighborhood, people refer to them as one area.

The housing prices are higher, but the residents get what they are paying for. There are many entertainment options and top-class dining spots in Riverside-Avondale. Plus, the neighborhood is home to three major commercial areas, including the famous Five Points district.

#3: Ponte Vedra Beach

Ponte Vedra Beach is located in Florida’s richest county, St. Johns County. This high-end tourist area is 18 miles from Southeast Downtown Jacksonville.

Its upscale seaside resorts are near 40-foot sand dunes, white sand beaches, water streams, creeks and lagoons. It’s truly a stunning scenery. You can also find upscale shopping and fine dining in Ponte Vedra Beach.

best areas in jacksonville fl to live

#4: Bartram Park

Bartram Park covers nearly 5,000 acres of land. The various communities scattered throughout the area feature condos, single-family residences and townhouses. Each of the communities has gated entrances.

The communities in Bartram Park include Arium, Arrowood, Monteville and Hawthorn. This is a development perfect for people who want to shop, dine and enjoy entertainment close to home.

#5: Deercreek

Are you interested in premier family-oriented gated communities? Deercreek is a neighborhood consisting of single-family homes that have been constructed between the years of 1970 and 1999. Most of the homes have spacious lots and nature views. It may be the best place to raise a family in Jacksonville FL.

The school district in Deercreek is highly rated. You also don't have to go far to find great places for shopping and dining. St. John's Town Center and The Avenues Mall are just a few minutes away.

#6: Atlantic Beach

The city of Atlantic Beach is located in Northeast Florida in Duval County. It’s right near beautiful beaches, great golf courses and stunning parks. Along with the stunning nature scenes, Atlantic Beach is also full of historical monuments.

Developments in Atlantic Beach include houses and condos, small hotels and commercial strips.


#7: Nocatee

Nocatee is an ocean community that has over 7,000 families residing in the area. When you are living there with children, you'll get access to superb Florida schools in St. John's County and Duval County.

You won't have to travel far for essential services. You'll find salons, healthcare providers, banks and food stores right in the Nocatee town center. There are electric vehicle pathways across the area, which make car-free transportation much easier.

There are two major attractions in Nocatee: Splash Water Park and Nocatee Spray Park. The former is a first-rate water park that has plenty to do for both adrenaline hunters and those who want to relax and lounge about. The latter is an interactive spray playground that has bar & grill establishments for parents to unwind.

#8: Neptune Beach

Neptune Beach is small coastal city with 7,500 residents. Located between Atlantic Beach and Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach attracts families to enjoy the sun, beautiful beach and a relaxed atmosphere.

People love to go cycling on Neptune Beach’s hard-packed sand and love surfing its perfect waves!

#9: Beachwalk

Beachwalk is a beautiful community near a 14-acre lagoon. You’ll be amazed at the beauty of this lagoon and the marvelous pine forests that surround it. Living in Beachwalk is the perfect combination of a peaceful vacation lifestyle and a convenient urban experience.

In Beachwalk, you can enjoy outdoor activities at the beach such as swimming, sailing, kayaking and paddle boarding. You can also play tennis, volleyball and golf at the various courts in the area.

If outdoor activities aren’t of interest to you, you can also experience its restaurant by the water and small shops.

In a Nutshell: Neighborhoods in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville is a premier Florida spot for both visitors and residents. The city ticks all the boxes for many types of people. When you are living in Jacksonville, you'll get great outdoors activities, prime foodie spots, family-friendly entertainment opportunities and perfect weather all year long.

These are the best neighborhoods in Jacksonville:

- Deercreek

- Riverside-Avondale

- Neptune Beach

- Murray Hill

- Nocatee

- Atlantic Beach

- Ponte Vedra Beach

- Bartram Park

- Beachwalk

If you're thinking of renting a home or buying an investment property in Jacksonville, make sure to familiarize yourself with the landlord-tenant laws.

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