Tenant Requirements

Innovative Property Solutions reviews all applications on a point system based on a plethora of criteria. The list of the criteria with minimum requirements for each is below. Just meeting the minimum will not make you eligible, but falling below the minimum makes it extremely difficult to be eligible.

  • No prior evictions over the last 7 years
  • Rent to income ratio must be 39% or below
  • Credit scores must be 576 or above
  • No prior landlord or utility debt
  • Less than 3 late rent payments during the past 12 months
  • Review of criminal history
  • Review of landlord history
We require the following to validate Income:
  1. The last 30 days of pay stubs if self-employed must produce previous years tax returns.
  2. Retired Social Security Annual Letter, Investment Income
  3. Cash Income App must supply 90 days of cash deposits and last year tax returns.

Resident Benefits Package $29/Month

Resident Liability Insurance: Included is a Resident Liability Insurance plan. This insurance plan names you, the tenant, as an other insured. The coverage includes $100,000 in liability protection and up to $10,000 in personal possessions. Tenant may opt out of this plan however by having it, it removes the requirement to provide your own renters insurance. We encourage all tenants to speak with their own insurance agent to determine what plan is best for them.

Late Fee and NSF Fee Waiver: At IPS we understand that things happen and at times there are situations where rent is paid late. Our resident benefits package gives Tenants a 1 time waiver of late fees not to exceed $30 and a 1x waiver of NSF charges (non sufficient funds), not to exceed $40.

IPS Air Filter Program: Homes which have HVAC systems require regular filter changes. Unfortunately, it is common for tenants to use the wrong size filters, forget to change the filters altogether or to completely negate filter usage. When HVAC systems are clean and well-maintained, energy bills are drastically reduced, homes are healthier and the HVAC system lasts longer. IPS has implemented a special HVAC program ensuring that correct size filters are delivered to homes every 90 days, thus affording tenants a visual reminder to change filters. This simple step avoids HVAC system failure, extensive cleaning and costly repairs while ensuring the proper filter and size is provided for timely, correct filter changes every 90 days.

ACH Rent Payment Processing: Many property management companies charge tenants transaction fees for online payments. However, IPS waives online transaction fees as a perk to the Residents Benefits Package. All online ACH payments are accepted free of service charge. Rent payments should be easy and affordable and IPS accepts payment via any RENTMONEY participating vendor such as Walmart where tenants have the option to pay in cash or via money order. Walmart does incorporate a service fee, however this is a great time-saver option for rental payment. In addition, Walmart time stamps all payments which are added to your ledger within 24 hours.

Credit Risk Mitigation: When moving into a property, tenants are often charged a “Credit Risk Mitigation” fee. Such amounts are substantial, running between $300 and $500. While some of these expenses are necessary, IPS builds such fees into the Residents Benefits Package, thus spreading the cost out over the life a tenant’s lease. Moving is expensive and IPS seeks to make the process as affordable as possible.

Tenant Self Move-In Inspection Software: New tenants can enjoy this special service/app upon move-in allowing them to complete their own property inspection on their own time within 3 days of move in. While IPS performs detailed move-in inspections, photos and video prior to tenant occupancies, this unique feature affords tenants the opportunity to provide additional documentation which supplements IPS inspections.

Utility Concierge Program: The utility concierge service is a third party company which assists tenants in activating utilities, internet, cable and alarm services with one simple phone call rather than individualized requests to specific companies. Companies such as ADT, Comcast and ATT are known to offer promotional programs and discounts. The Utility Concierge Program simplifies the process of transferring all services and utilities into the name of incoming tenant.

Tenant Online Portal: This valuable feature offers tenants 24/7 access to their accounts, records, copies of leases and policies as well as online rental payment and maintenance requests.

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