5 Things Landlords Should Do with a Property Between Tenants

Maintenance Tips Between Tenants

Feb. 16, 2021

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When a tenant moves out, the landlord has the (sometimes difficult) task of finding a new suitable inhabitant of the property. Still, before the property is ready for a new tenant, there are a few things you need to do to ensure the house is in top condition.

You need to have a better understanding of the property’s conditions and can do some repairs if needed. You will also ensure that new tenants will want to live there.

As a landlord, here are some items you should have on your maintenance list between tenants.

1. Paint Everything

painting between tenants

Chances are good that your previous tenants had been in the unit for a while. Most home painting businesses will recommend painting your home once or even twice a year. Even if it hasn’t been that long since the last painting, you may want to give the place a fresh coat, so that it is nice and inviting for new tenants.

Not to mention that it might be a deciding factor helping tenants see that the property is well taken care of and that you will not be reluctant to invest in the property.

When it comes to painting walls, this is a task you can do yourself if you are a bit handy. Not only will you keep the cost down by doing so, but you will also be able to control the kinds of paints you use and the thoroughness of the job.

2. Thoroughly Clean Everything

landlord cleaning tips

While a fresh coat of paint is a welcome addition when preparing a property for new tenants, thorough cleaning is essential. No matter how clean the previous tenants left the home, some things will need a deep cleaning. However, to clean the home completely, you need some specialized equipment, a lot of time, and an eye for detail.

Fortunately, you don’t have to perform this somewhat tedious task yourself (the checklist of things to clean gets pretty long). There are plenty of professional cleaning services offering move in and move out cleaning with a lot of experience and equipment that makes deep cleaning a breeze.

3. Do Electrical & Plumbing Maintenance

electrical maintenance landlords

Most responsible and reasonable tenants will report any malfunction to their landlord. After all, the landlord is responsible for handling these issues, and most of us prefer things in our homes to function well.

However, it is possible that your previous tenants didn’t spot the problem or didn’t want to report it for whatever reason. It is a great idea to do a basic check of all electrical and plumbing systems. One person can do most of this work, and if there are no problems, you can rest easy knowing that.

If there are any problems with the installations, you should consult a professional handyman and leave the actual repairs to professionals, especially if the problem is complex.

4. Change All the Locks

change locks landlords

Finally, changing the locks is a simple task that you should probably do as soon as the previous tenants move out. No matter who they were or how good a rapport you had with them, not changing the lock is a security liability.

Locks are moderately inexpensive and easy to replace, especially if you only have conventional locks on the unit. If the locking mechanism is more complex, you may need to consult locksmiths may need to be consulted, but generally, this is a small expense that gives you additional peace of mind.

If there are any digital devices, like smart locks, house alarms, or similar, those need to be changed to a secure new password as well.

5. Prepare All Documentation for a New Tenant

bookkeeping landlord

If you haven’t found a new tenant for your property yet, that doesn’t mean that you should stay idle. Perhaps you can prepare all of the contracts and other documentation for the new tenants. If you have time, you should take detailed pictures and update your rental ads with the latest pictures of the property.

Documenting everything is perhaps the best advice an experienced landlord can give to a novice. Not only will you be able to track your expenses and profits better, but you will also have details to negotiate with potential new tenants, as well as the tenants who are leaving.

These are some of the technical things you should do before you have new tenants move in. The most important thing is to ascertain the property’s state, so you could act quickly and resolve all issues before you welcome new people to their new home.

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