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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Mandarin, Florida?

If you are, Innovative Property Solutions is here for you.

We are a full-service property management team that has been delivering our services to the Greater Jacksonville area for over 17 years. Our goal is to educate and help property owners like you become successful in this industry.

Whether you are new to the business or have been in the game for multiple years, we can provide you with all the essentials you need to succeed. The units we manage include multi-unit complexes, duplexes, condos and single-family homes.

Our expert team of property managers will work with you to guarantee success and peace of mind - let us help you! We provide superior customer service to you and your renters alike for all your management needs.

Innovative Property Solutions

    Areas We Service:

  • Arlington, Avondale/ Riverside, Intracoastal, Mandarin, San Jose
  • San Marco, Southside and Town Center Area, Ponte Vedra Beach
  • World Golf Village, Orange Park, St Johns, Atlantic Beach
  • Jacksonville Beach, Mayport and Neptune Beach

Quality Services at Affordable Prices

We operate by using a flat rate fee which makes budgeting very simple. Also, you won’t rack up any unexpected charges from us. For example, we won’t catch you off guard with unexpected fees like “Lease Renewal Fees.”

Additionally, we believe that you shouldn’t be stuck working with us if you aren’t benefiting. That's why we have a free cancellation fee, so you can try working with us risk free. However, we believe that you will love our quality services!

Mandarin property management has never been so easy! Contact us today for more information.

Our Mandarin Property Management Services

At Innovative Property Management, we offer services that are well-designed. They will help you save time and reduce stress. We use advanced technology to help us manage each rental property to our fullest potential. By working with us, you will benefit from the following:

1. Rental Property Marketing

We know how important it is to market your Mandarin property effectively. A vacant unit generates zero income. We want you to make the most money from your investment, and we have the tools to help you achieve just that.

We will market your property beyond the classic “for rent” signage. We use the most up-to-date marketing strategies online and offline. We will list your rental property on the most trafficked real estate sites. This will ensure that your Mandarin property will get rented out as quickly as possible!

Innovative Property Solutions will make sure your unit will be filled in a timely manner, and we will make this process of finding a tenant stress-free for you!


2. Tenant Screening

We understand the importance of finding the best tenant for your Mandarin property. Having a good tenant can make all the difference. We will screen prospective renters so that your rental unit is filled with the most responsible and respectful individuals.

We have a thorough screening process in which we look at credit checks, refer to reference evaluations and verify current and past employment. This helps us ensure that the highest quality tenant fills your units.

3. Rent Collection

As a property owner, collecting rent may be one of your most time-consuming tasks. If you have multiple units, it can be even more time-consuming. That’s why we take this pressure off you.

In order to ensure your tenants pay their rent on time, our property managers will:

  • We offer multiple payment methods.
  • We have strict consequences for late or absent payments.

You will no longer have to chase your tenants for the rent, and you will rest assured that your rental property income will be positive.

4. Property Maintenance & Repairs

Property maintenance and repairs is a major responsibility for all property owners. However, it’s very time-consuming and costly!

At Innovative Property Solutions, we will conduct inspections, repairs and do the essential regular upkeep for you. In addition, we will respond to your renters’ needs, emergencies and complaints. This means that you won’t be having to do any late night runs or respond to calls on holidays.


5. Detailed Financial Reporting

Financial reporting can be a headache. By working with us, we will to stay on top of your financial reports and help keep track of your bookkeeping.

Your monthly financial reports will be always be accessible. We will keep track of your income/expense statements, balance sheets and general ledges. With Innovative Property Solutions’ services, you will always be ahead of the game with your reporting.

About Mandarin, Florida

Did you know that this district was named after the mandarin fruit in 1830 by a resident? How interesting!

Mandarin is a beautiful neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida. Its a wonderful community and has an abundance of outdoor activates, including family-friendly ones.

This neighborhood is filled with shopping opportunities, activities by the riverfront and historical sites.

Things to do in Mandarin:

  • Little Talbot Island - Filled with beautiful nature scenery, you can enjoy a peaceful day by the gorgeous shoreline. Also, if you like to fish, this is a fisherman’s paradise!
  • Big Talbot Island - If you love adventuring, this is for you! This is the perfect place to go hiking and kayaking.
  • The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens - This museum showcases dynamic art amongst the beauty of nature.
  • Walter Jones Historic Park - At this beautiful location, you can enjoy a relaxing stroll, gain historical knowledge or have a nice picnic.

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