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Are you looking for an experienced property manager to help manage your Neptune Beach rental property? If so, Innovative Property Solutions is the right Neptune Beach property management company for you!

You can count on our 17 years of experience managing every type of Neptune Beach rental property to help you realize your real estate investment goals. Our Neptun Beach property management team will help your rental property find success.

Neptune Beach property management companies like Innovative Property Solutions have tried and tested and are designed to help you minimize expenses and maximize your income. We've worked with countless property owners on all types of rental properties and are sure we can help you manage your rental property.

If you hire us, we’ll work to ensure that, among other things:

  • Your Neptune Beach home is well-maintained
  • There’s a desirable tenant living in your rental home at all times
  • Rent is collected on time
  • Repairs are conducted promptly

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We are proud to be associated with numerous professional organizations. They include NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers), Equal Housing Opportunity, Realtor, and NEFAR (Northeast Florida Association of Realtors).

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Professional Rental Property Management at Great Rates

So, are you ready to take your investment to the next level? If so, contact us today to have your rental properties taken care of by the best Neptune Beach property manager. You can reach us by calling (904)321-9020, by sending us an email through this form. We are open Monday through to Friday at between 9:30AM and 5:00PM.

We’ll be more than happy to take you through our the services we offer and answer any questions you might have. If you're unsure which of the many property management companies in the area is right for you, we'd be glad to tell you the benefits of choosing us.

With your rental property address joining the others we manage in Neptune Beach, we can assure you we know the location better than anyone else. Enjoy those Atlantic beach views and let us take care of the rest.

Our Property Management Services

At Innovative Property Solutions, our team of property managers is skilled and experienced, our services are proven and effective, and our customer service is first-rate. Due of this, we can help property owners like you achieve peace of mind. We work hard to help you with all your management needs. Neptune Beach property management will feel more simple than ever!

If you hire us, the following are some of the property management services you can expect to benefit from.

1. In-Depth Tenant Screening

One of our main services is tenant screening. We don’t just rent to any tenant who applies to live in your unit. At Innovative Property Solutions, our property managers have a strict yet fair screening procedure that helps us weed out potential problem tenants.

Our screening process checks for a number of important things. One by one, we examine prospective tenants':

  • Level of Income: We require that all tenants make at least 3X the price of rent. For example, if the rental price is $1,000, then we require that a tenant make at least $3,000 a month in monthly income.
  • Credit Rating: This helps us dig deeper into a tenant’s financial condition. Basically, we check whether a tenant has a good credit history and pays their bills on time.
  • We also do a Background Check. This helps us review a tenant’s criminal, eviction and employment histories.

2. Widespread Property Management

Dealing with a vacant Neptune Beach property can be a frustrating experience as it means you won’t be getting paid at the end of the month. As a beachfront city east of Jacksonville Beach, finding success requires an expert.

That’s why, with this service, we put all our resources to work to help find a tenant in the shortest time possible.

The first thing we do is ensure your Neptune Beach property is attractive to prospective tenants. High-quality tenants are always looking for high-quality living. Therefore, we get the home professionally cleaned and spruce up the curb appeal.

Then, we move on to the next stage – writing a short, well-thought out and attractive Neptune Beach rental home ad that includes lots of amazing photos. Once we are through with this, we move on to the last, but most important stage – listing syndication.

We’ll syndicate your rental ad to top rental property listing sites like Craigslist,, and Zillow.


3. Regular Property Repairs

Innovative Property Solutions can also help protect your home's value. Our property management company will conduct a our-prong inspection process.

We will inspect it when:

  • A tenant first moves in: The goal here is to document the home's condition.
  • A tenant finally move out: This helps check whether the tenant has caused any negligent or careless rental home damage.
  • When driving by: This basically involves checking whether the tenant is abiding by the terms of the lease or not.
  • Seasons change: Each season comes with its own maintenance challenges. So, each season we will inspect!

Besides regularly inspecting your Neptune Beach property for damage, we’ll also quickly respond to maintenance requests from tenants.

In general, our goal is to ensure that not only does your Neptune Beach property look attractive, but also adheres to Florida habitability standards.

4. Consistent Rent Payments

As you certainly know, rent is the most important part of property management and of any rental investment. Inconsistent rent payments can cause financial problems for you. You may, for example, become unable to pay your home taxes or service your mortgage.

Luckily, you can count on a property manager to help you with your home's rent collection. Once you hire us, the first thing we will do is ensure that tenants have a simple and convenient rent payment method. We will also look at your lease agreement and make sure that its lease terms are as clear as possible.

5. Regular Financial Reporting

At Innovative Property Solutions, we believe in keeping you regularly informed about how your home is performing financially. Our detailed financial reporting tools will keep you up to date on the finances of your rental property

You will have access to your own Owner's Portal to track your finances easily! With this service, in terms of finances, property management will feel very simple!

Have more questions about our management services? Email us today! Protect your investment properties by partnering with us.


About Neptune Beach, Florida

Neptune Beach is a beachfront city east of Jacksonville Beach and within the Duval County communities consolidated. It is a small, quiet coastal community known for its natural beauty and abundance of cultural attractions and museums.

Neptune Beach is known for its Atlantic beach views. With your rental property address close to One Ocean Hotel and Spa, its own train station, and Jacksonville Beach as well as Neptune, it's an idyllic place both for living and vacation.

The homeownership rate in Neptune Beach is 67.8% and the median property value is $349,800, making it more affordable than the other similar community next to it, Jacksonville Beach.

Some of the biggest employers in the Neptune Beach area include J.P Morgan, Amazon, US Navy, Fidelity Investments, and Mayo Clinic.

Interesting Sights

  • BrewHound - This is a dog-friendly location in Neptune Beach where you can enjoy a drink with both human and furry friends! It’s known for its beer, but you can also enjoy coffee or other non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival - At this free event in Neptune Beach, you can enjoy eating shrimp, listening to live entertainment and have fun with arts and crafts.

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