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Whats In The Innovative Guarantee

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What is the IPS Tenant Lease Guarantee?

In the event that a tenant needs to be replaced due to a breach in the lease (such as abandonment or eviction), IPS will place a new tenant at no charge. IPS offers lease terms of six and twelve months, depending on the selected program. The time period is determined by the number of full rent payments the property owner receives rather than by the days occupied.

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What is the IPS Eviction Protection Commitment?

IPS offers both six and twelve month eviction protection. In the event of an eviction, IPS covers the cost of legal and court expenses to evict a tenant placed by IPS and the IPS leasing fee (paid by the owner). As previously stated, the time period is determined by the number of full rent payments the property owner receives rather than by the days occupied. For example: if an owner received only five months of rent payments, but the eviction process commenced during the sixth month of the lease, the eviction protection commitment would cover the necessary legal and court costs to evict the tenant.

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What is the IPS Pet Damage Protection?

The IPS Pet Damage Protection covers damages totaling up to $1,000 beyond the tenant's security deposit. Carpet is the most common victim of pet damage and security deposits rarely cover replacement fees. The Pet Damage Protection offers added security and peace of mind.

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What does a Periodic In-Home Inspection consist of?

Periodic property inspections are a vital component of effective property management. IPS in-home inspections occur approximately halfway through the lease term and halfway through each additional 12-month lease renewal. Inspections are conducted by IPS employees and are not outsourced to a third party. During the inspection, each room of the property is viewed and photographed. IPS also takes video footage of the property. These reports are published and saved to owner portals in order for owners to see that which IPS sees. IPS evaluates the condition of the home for: unapproved pets or occupants and lease violations including failure to maintain and replace air filters. Each management plan contains its own quantity of periodic in-home inspections, however all property owners may request additional inspections for an additional charge.

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What does a Move-In Inspection consist of?

The move-in inspection is a comprehensive documentation of the condition of the home and takes place just before a tenant assumes occupancy. IPS photo documents all inspections and documents specific observations related to the condition of a property. When a tenant vacates, there can be no question as to the original condition of the home. Typically, each room has up to 30 seconds of video as well as multiple still photographs. A full PDF report is provided to the property owner with pictures, checklists and embedded video for each room.

Replacing an Air Filter
IPS Provides Air Filters Quarterly

In Florida, AC units run constantly as their filters trapping pollens, dust and toxins that would otherwise circulate throughout the home. AC filters also defend against larger items such as loose pieces of insulation which could potentially be flammable.

Unfortunately, air filters are under-appreciated and many tenants forget to change them on a regular basis. In time, old air filters become clogged, resulting in the number one cause of HVAC system failure. If air filters are not changed on a regular basis, air cannot easily flow through them, the HVAC blower fan has to work harder to force air through and potential overheating is a concern as the system can no longer travel out of the cooling unit. In addition, moisture gathers causing the growth of mold and bacteria colonies.

IPS is thrilled to provide air filters every 90 days directly to tenants at no cost to them. This simple process offers a visual cue to tenants reminding them that it is time to change the filter. IPS ensures that the correct size, high quality air filter is issued to each tenant. The result: prevention of expensive repairs, lower monthly energy bills and the successful removal of toxins from within the home.

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