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Licensed Agents Receive $300 Referral Fees for Property Owners!

At Innovative Property Solutions we understand and appreciate the amount of work Realtors spend cultivating and developing relationships with potential clients. Lead and client development takes months and often years before a lead develops into a paying customer. “Giving your client away” is the last thing you should be doing! When the selling or buying process needs to be put on hold, you need a partner to assist you and your client from one transaction to the next.

Your management partner is there to help provide a service to your client and to continue to grow and foster the relationship you have started with that client.

This is where Innovative Property Solutions can help. We want to be your Management Partner and support you and your efforts to provide your customer with quality, reliable, and valuable property management services. In addition, we pay a $300 referral fee!

Why Refer Clients to Us?

A blue arrow in a blue target
Our Goal
  • Blue Checkbox Provide your client with affordable and quality property management
  • Blue Checkbox Maintain your relationship with your client
  • Blue Checkbox Transfer your client back to you when the management needs are no longer needed
A blue prohibition sign
What We Will NOT Do
  • Blue Checkbox We will not sell your clients home
  • Blue Checkbox We will not refer your client to any other agent
  • Blue Checkbox We will not interfere with you and your clients’ relationship
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Why Refer a Client To IPS
  • Blue Checkbox Keep Future Sales and Clients
  • Blue Checkbox Extend Your Relationship With Your Client When The Sales Process Stalls
  • Blue Checkbox Provide A Reliable and Valuable Resource To Your Client
  • Blue Checkbox Get Paid $300 per Referred Client
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When to Refer a Client To IPS
  • Blue Checkbox Your client can't sell their home due to market conditions
  • Blue Checkbox Your client wants to buy a new home but doesn’t want to sell their current home
  • Blue Checkbox Your client is an investor and needs regular reliable management

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