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Are you look to hire a property management company in San Jose, Florida?

Whatever property management solution you’re looking for, Innovative Property Solutions has you covered. As a full-service property management company, we can help you in all aspects of property management. We can market your property, screen prospective tenants, collect rent, maintain your property, or handle tenant issues.

Innovative Property Solutions

    Areas We Service:

  • Mayport, Orange Park, San Jose, World Golf Village
  • St. Johns, Ponte Vedra, Neptune Beach, Southside and Town Center, Arlington
  • Riverside/Avondale, Mandarin, San Marco, Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Intracoastal

Superior Services at Affordable Rates

We have over 17 years of property management experience. With this experience, we’ve been able to help countless property owners achieve peace of mind through reliable, professional solutions.

By hiring us, you can rest assured that your San Jose rental property will be in the hands of professionals. We are not in it just for the short term. We are here to build a long-term relationship with you.

There are many reasons we stand out from our competition. For one, we offer our clients a $0.00 cancellation fee. Unlike some firms, Innovative Property Solutions won’t try to tie you down with long-term, jargon-filled contractual agreements.

Additionally, there are no hidden charges. Our pricing is simple, fair, and affordable. Finally, we are purely a property management company. We don’t mix property management with other businesses such as real estate sales.

So, if you’re looking for professional help, please call us immediately. You can do so by dialing (904) 321-9020 or by leaving us your details here. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and take you through our property management services.

Our Property Management Services

Innovative Property Solutions is a professional rental management company. We are active members of organizations such as JAX Chamber, NEFAR (Northeast Florida Association of Realtors), Realtor, Equal Housing Opportunity, NAR (National Association of Realtors), and NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers).

Below is our list of property management services.

1. Property Marketing

At Innovative Property Solutions, we understand how frustrating a vacant rental can be since you still have expenses to pay without income.

If you hire us, we’ll work to ensure that your vacant unit gets filled as quickly as possible.

Our marketing process isn’t based on a “one size fits all” cookie-cutter model. Since each property is different, we examine it first and then create a customized marketing strategy.

When marketing your rentals, our goal is to reach as many prospective tenants as possible. What’s more, our ads are detailed, attractive and specific and geared towards a certain caliber of tenants.

For optimal results, we use both online and offline marketing strategies.

2. Tenant Screening

We are particular in the kind of tenant we rent to. Our ‘dream’ tenant is one that pays rent without fail every month, cares for the property just like they would their own, notifies when maintenance issues crop up, and renews the lease multiple times.

To help us in our efforts to land such tenants, we use a thorough screening process. The process, among other things, examines a prospective tenant on five fundamental things:

  • Does the tenant make enough money to pay the rent month after month without issues?
  • Does the tenant have an eviction history?
  • Is the tenant ready to pay the move-in costs (first month’s rent and security deposit) immediately?
  • Does the tenant have any reservations in regards to giving us permission to check their backgrounds?
  • Is the tenant respectful?

A tenant can only sign the lease once they pass our screening test. Needless to say, our lease agreement is designed to protect all your interests as a property owner.


3. Property Maintenance

Thanks to a team of reliable and professional contractors, Innovative Property Solutions can also assist you in caring for your property. Here, our goal is to keep your rentals as appealing as can be.

In this regard, we do essential upkeep, carry out vigorous quarterly inspections and quickly react to tenant maintenance requests.

All our contractors are bonded, insured and licensed to operate in San Jose. Additionally, we have vetted them for affordable rates, quick turn-around times, and superior workmanship.

By having us take care of your property, you stand to get a myriad of benefits.

4. Rent Collection

Many people believe rent collection is simple and easy, but that’s far from the truth.

Generally, rent collection can be stressful and time-consuming – especially with problem tenants. In fact, one of the top reasons landlords hire property managers is to seek assistance in rent collection.

With over 17 years of property management experience, Innovative Property Solutions can help ensure your rental income is consistent month after month. We offer multiple payment methods and review the rent-related lease terms to ensure your tenants pay on time, every time.

5. Financial Reporting

We will also keep you regularly updated on how your San Jose property is faring financially. We’ll provide you access to an online portal where you can access crucial statements and reports.


About San Jose, Florida

San Jose is located in Duval County and is a neighborhood in Jacksonville, Fl. Its population is estimated to be around 5,943.

People enjoy living in San Jose for its family-friendly activities, historical attractions and quiet nature.

There are so many things to do near San Jose. You can visit the Jacksonville Fire Museum, view the Veterans Memorial Wall, saddle-up for a horseback adventure at the Diamond D Ranch, or take your kids to the Shipwreck Island Waterpark for fun-filled activities.

Source: Wikipedia

Interesting Sights

  • Fire Museum - For anyone interested in learning about the history of the fire service in Florida, this museum is for you. It’s part of Jacksonville’s Fire and Rescue Department's Fire Prevention Division.
  • Veterans Memorial Wall - This wall pays tribute to the 1,500+ American war heroes.
  • Diamond D Ranch - If you enjoy horseback riding, you will love Diamond D Ranch where you can go on a horseback adventure!
  • Shipwreck Island Waterpark - This waterpark is fun for the whole family! You can enjoy the waterslides, lazy river, wave pool & rapids!

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