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At Innovative Property Solutions, we believe in backyards, in dining rooms and living rooms, in spaces where our residents want to gather with family and friends. We believe a home is only as good as the lives lived, and memories created, within it. We are committed to offering only quality, well maintained homes that are professionally managed and maintained, within desirable neighborhoods in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. All backed by our professional property management team providing exceptional resident services.

Tenants often have questions regarding policies, their lease, rent and maintenance. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Common Rent Questions
How can I pay my rent?

We have multiple options for you to pay your rent. You can log into your tenant portal and pay via electronic check (Checking Account Required), bring a check to the office or mail a check to our office.

Can I pay my rent with a credit card or pay with cash?

No, rent can only be paid with a money order, cashier’s check, personal check or Epay (electronic check). We also use Paynearme.com where you have the option to pay at a local store with cash or money order.

What if I can’t pay online?

Our office is open Monday through Friday 9:30am – 6:00pm and you are welcome to drop off or mail your check to our office. The day the check is received is the day that your rent is time stamped as paid.

Can I drop off my rent after hours or over the weekend?

Yes, we have a drop box in our front door which is video monitored. The video monitor time stamps your rent delivery.

What if I have to pay my rent late?

If your rent payment is late you will be assessed a late fee, in most cases $10/day. Your payment will first be applied to any late fees, expenses, and or past due rent and then to your rent payment. If a partial payment is accepted you will continue to get late fees until your rent is paid in full.

How do I get my password reset for my tenant portal?

Give our office a call and we can reset it for you.

What happens If I lock myself out of my house?

You may come to our office to pick up a loaner key for 24 hours. There is a $25 lockout fee (1st time), $50 lockout fee each additional time and this is only available during normal business hours. For after hours or weekend situations we recommend a local locksmith, such as Mr. Rekey.

Can I go to a month to month lease?

No. You can not have a month to month lease. Only after a year lease has been completed and under special exceptions will a Month to Month leases be allowed. If a month to month lease is permitted all the terms of the original lease will apply. Month to Month Leases only requires a 15-day notice by the landlord to vacate.

When can the landlord enter my property according to the lease?

The landlord can enter only under emergencies or with 24 hours notice. If the tenant or the owner has given notice to vacate and/ or the property is up for sale the landlord may show the property with proper notice.

Common Lease Questions
When do I have to give my notice to move?

Our standard policy is that tenants must provide Landlord with a 60-day notice if he/she does not intend to extend the lease for another term. Some leases may have slightly different terms so we recommend reading over your lease to make sure.

What is the move out process and do you have a checklist?

After you have given your 60-day notice and it’s time to move, you will need to make sure your keys are delivered to our office by close of business on the day your lease ends. If that day falls on a weekend or holiday, you will need to drop them off in the afterhours drop box. You may Download our Checklist Here. The house must be clean and any carpets professionally cleaned. DIY and Rental equipment does not qualify as “professional” carpet cleaning.

Who should I talk to about renewing my lease?

Our leasing team will handle any lease renewal question and work with you to renew your lease. You can contact our leasing team at LEASING@IPSRentalHomes.com

Can I remove someone from my Lease?

No, in most cases we will not remove anyone from a lease. For extenuating circumstances, we will work with tenants to alter their lease but this requires the tenant to re-apply and qualify for the home without the person they wish to remove. In addition to this; all parties must agree to the removal, and a processing fee will be collected. IPS reserves the right to deny this request for any reason.

Can I add a pet to my lease?

Certain homes are pet-friendly, if your home is pet-friendly it may be possible to add a pet. The property owner reserves the right to approve or deny your pet. If the pet is approved, a pet fee is required in addition to pet rent and insurance.

What if I need to break my lease?

Tenant must pay a fee equal to 2 months rent to break their lease at any time. Rent will be due up to the day the property is turned over to IPS. The last months rent will be prorated based on the day of move out. The fee is due at the time the lease addendum is signed and agreed to. The tenants security deposit will be processed and returned as normal as required by Florida Law.

Can I sign a multi-year lease?

Yes! In most cases multi-year leases are available.

What is the process for returning the security deposit after move out?

Once you have delivered keys to our office to signify you have are officially moved out, we will conducted a move out inspection. We will then compare any damages or cleaning issues found to the move in inspection pictures and video to determine if the damage is a tenant or owner responsibility. We then submit our report to the property owner for review and approval. Once they approve the calculations that report will be emailed as well as mailed to you for your review. The owner has 30 days from the day you move out (return keys) to supply you with an itemized list of charges (if any). You will then have 15 days to dispute any charges if needed. Once you have agreed to charges against your deposit (if any), the owner will send the check to our office for you to pick up or for us to mail to you.

Can I use my security deposit as my last months rent payment?

No. Security deposits can never be used to pay rent. Your rent is due on the first regardless of when you move out. If it is not paid on time you will incur late fees. If you move out and have not paid your rent a claim will be filed in the respective county court as landlord debt. Your deposit will be applied to any damages, legal fees, court filing fees, late fees, and if there is anything left, then to rent. The balance due will be turned over to collections and reported to the credit bureaus.

Common Maintenance Questions
How do I report a maintenance problem?

Non–Emergency Repair: Login to your portal, click on the tab that says “maintenance”, click on “New Service Request”, type in the details and include a picture of the problem at hand. This process is the most effective way to have your request handled in a timely manner.

How do I report an emergency repair?

If it is a life threatening or catastrophic emergency call 911 immediately. Call the office immediately for any emergency repair at 904-321-9020. If you don’t reach anyone leave a detailed message and your call will be returned right away. Phones are monitored 24/7/365.

What are examples of an emergency repair?

Besides the catastrophic emergency repairs such as Fire, Flood, Severe Roof Damage etc., Some examples include: Air Conditioner or Heater: When projected temperatures are anticipated to be below 45 degrees or above 85 degrees, this would be considered an emergency repair and we would make every effort to have someone to your home within 24 hours. No power to your home can be an emergency. Please first check with your local power company to verify there are no outages before placing a repair request. If you do not have ANY working toilets in the home this would be considered an emergency. Please keep in mind that tenants are responsible for any and all toilet or drain stoppages including garbage disposals. We will be happy to schedule a plumber to resolve the issue but the cost will be the tenants’ responsibility.

Common Household Maintenance Questions
Who is responsible for changing air and water filters?

Tenants are responsible to change their air and water filters regularly as well as maintain salt levels in water softeners. Air conditioner filters must be changed monthly to ensure the ac system does not get dirty and runs efficiently.

Who is responsible for pest control?

Tenants are responsible for their own pest control unless otherwise stated in your lease.

Who is responsible if my garbage disposal stops working?

If the garbage disposal stops working due to a blockage or misuse then it is the tenants’ responsibility, if it fails due to age it would be the owners’ responsibility.

Do I have to be home for the repair person?

Yes, in most cases you do. You will be able to schedule directly with most vendors during normal working hours.

Can I paint the walls?

This is handled case by case and requires the property owners’ approval. Paint color must first be approved by the property manager and property owner. In some cases, the tenant will be required to paint the walls back to the original color.

Who is responsible for a clogged drain?

Tenant must keep all sinks, toilets and all other water and plumbing apparatus in good order and shall use them only for the purpose for which they were constructed. Any damage to any such apparatus and the cost of clearing stopped plumbing resulting from misuse shall be borne by Tenant.

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